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Saturday 30 July 2022

How to build Blogger and WordPress website with free domain?

In this tutorial, you are going to learn how to get a free EU.ORG domain name by registration in a few minutes. Check the following Google Drive link if you want to get an domain instantly. is an organization that has provided free domain name or subdomain registration for everyone since 1996. You can enter the homepage by clicking the following link.


00:00 Introduction

00:45 Advantages of domain

01:55 Register subdomain

04:07 Hostry Free DNS Setup

05:15 After Registration of free domain 

07:10 Sitemap Error on website(

There are a few advantages to using an subdomain. For example, you can get it free (it's been totally free since years ago!!). Once it is approved by the team, there is no renewal you have to do in order to use the domain, which means you can use the domain forever (technically).

Besides, you can connect subdomain to any available website builder, such as Blogger, WordPress, Weebly, or Google Sites. Currently, I have a Blogger website and a FREE WordPress website using an subdomain. 

You are recommended to view these written tutorials before any other YouTube videos related to are made. Registration (ENG) Registration (JPN)

Last but not least, you can apply Google AdSense to websites that use the subdomain. There are a few websites with this domain that are displaying Google AdSense ads now, and I have tried it myself before I made this YouTube video.

When you are trying to apply for a free subdomain from, there are 2 parts you have to do. 

  • First, you have to create an account using your personal details and submit the registration request on their official website. 
  • Second, you have to set up DNS for the subdomain you are going to register.

For DNS provider, I don't use DNSPod (Under TenCent), Hurricane Electric Hosted DNS, or Cloudflare to set up the DNS records for domains. Instead, I used Hostry Free DNS as an illustration in this video, as you don't have to verify your ID to use their DNS services.

Once your subdomain is approved, you can change the DNS records and integrate it with others, such as Cloudflare, but I didn't show it in this video as I focused on the process of registering a subdomain for

The team typically responds within 24 hours to 2 or 3 weeks. You need to check the spam folder of your email account to check whether they have sent you an email or not. 

If you can't receive any reply from them, I suggest you write an email to them ( with the format I've shown you at 06:32 of this video. You may get the sample format on these websites and change any necessary details.

I can't guarantee that this is a 100% solution to let them approve your subdomain from, but at least you have tried to contact them already.

If this YouTube video reaches 100 Likes or 100 Comments, I will speed up to make more tutorials about domain such as "How to connect subdomain to Blogger?" or "How to build a Free WordPress website with subdomain?" etc.

You may check this playlist if you want to learn more about Google AdSense approval in 2022, most of the content here is applicable to Blogger & WordPress. #WordPress #GoogleAdSense

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