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Friday 29 July 2022

How to get Google News Approval?

How to apply for Google News for a website? What are the benefits of getting Google News for a website?

Apply for Google Publisher News Account for Blogger in 2022

Yesterday evening, when I was about to enjoy dinner, I stumbled upon my website O's Google News Publihser account has been approved by Google .

How to apply for Google News for a website? What are the benefits of getting Google News for a website?

I mentioned the Google Publisher News application for Site O in my last article. For those who don't know what Site O has been went through, you can read back to the previous article. In short, I recently created two new blogging sites, Site F and Site O , and I created a Google News publisher account for them on the same day.

After waiting almost 5 to 6 days, Google completed the Google News publisher review application for Site F and Site O. Although website F successfully launched Google News, and all the content could be quickly indexed by Google after publication, the application of website O for Google News was rejected.

Site O's Google News application was rejected because they detected a different logo on my website than the one I submitted to them. Next I'll explain what I did and what happened after my website was rejected, so let's get started now.

Site O gets Google News Approval

Few days after I got rejection, I made a new logo at 9:40 am on the first day of Chinese New Year (1st February 2022). There is only one difference between this new Logo and the previously submitted Logo, that is, the font is changed from italic to regular.

How to apply for Google News for a website? What are the benefits of getting Google News for a website?

Since all previous Google News applications took 5 or 6 days to receive a response, I was expecting an update from Google on February 6th or February 7th.

Unexpectedly, website O's Google News application passed Google's review after just three and a half days of waiting. And when I saw that Site O was approved, it was already past 7:00 pm on February 4th .

Maybe the approval time will be earlier, but like the previous website F opened Google News, I did not receive any notifications from Google News in my Gmail mailbox.

But what is more special is that Google will send an email to notify the applicant when the website is rejected. However, if the website has been approved by Google News Publisher, there will be no  notification and you have to take care of the status yourself.

Applications for Google News accounts are not like Google AdSense , as Google AdSense will send applicants an email no matter what the results are after they reviewing a website.

So far, neither of these two sites has passed the Google AdSense review, and site F, despite having almost 30 articles , was rejected for displaying Google-served ads on screens without the publishers-content . It may have been rejected because important pages of the site such as Privacy Policy & Terms of Use were not indexed in Google's search results.

How to apply for Google News for a website? What are the benefits of getting Google News for a website?

Speaking of Google's inclusion, I would like to remind you here. Once a website successfully opens an application for Google News, all content published on the website after passing the review application will be crawled and indexed by Google. However, important pages are not indexed by Google.

In addition, the speed at which articles to be indexed by Google depends on how quickly the Sitemap is updated. For example, the RSS Sitemap's update time is about seconds to minutes after the article is published, so Google will crawl the article very quickly.

For example, Google Search Console can't crawl XML Sitemaps on my website O (I don't even now why), but RSS or Atom Sitemaps can be updated shortly after I publish anything.

Probably that's why my important pages aren't being indexed because Google can't read the XML Sitemap for Blogger website O.

However, there is no problem to index blogposts and content on website O. but compared to others, it takes about 1 to 2 hours for website O to arrive.

So if there are more updates about Google News, I will share with you here. My sharing is done here. If you are interested in getting Google AdSense Approval, you can take a look at this YouTube video and learn 12 tips to monetize your website.

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